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Zhongshan Port Schedule(Adjustment)


Dear  valued passengers,

The ferry schedule between  HongKong  and  Zhongshan  have been adjusted  from  3rd  Nov  to  30th  Nov,2017


City Route

 3rd  Nov  to  10th  Nov,2017:
China Hong Kong Ferry Terminal to Zhongshan  at 0800 canceled.
Passengers who have purchased 0800 ticket will be protected by 0830 ferry automatically.

 3rd  Nov  to  30th  Nov,2017:

Zhongshan to China Hong Kong Ferry Terminal at 11:00 have been adjusted 11:15.


Airport Route

3rd  Nov  to  10th  Nov,2017:
Zhongshan  to Hong Kong International Airport at  10:00 have been adjusted  to 10:15.




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