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Notice to Passenger

Notice to Passenger (Applicable to the Hong Kong International Airport SkyPier to and from Pearl River Delta route only)

Articles 1 Apply area

1.1 This notice applies only to passengers for whom Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. is the agent and who travels between various ports in the Guangdong Province and the Hong Kong International Airport SkyPier by sea and their baggage transiting. (The HKIA SkyPier Ferry service is only available to transit passengers who use the airline service on the day and cannot be used by passengers departing from town or travelling to town in Hong Kong.)

1.2 The passenger who buys or holds the ticket, which is issued by the carrier subject to this notice, it is indicated, he/she accepts all the regulations listed.

Articles 2 Buying ticket

2.1 Passenger, who holds the valid passport, travelling document and visa, can buy the ticket subject to this notice.

2.2 A child with 5 full years of age or above shall pay full price for the ticket. A child with one full year of age or above and below five full years of age shall buy child ticket. Each adult can bring an infant with below one year of age traveling by the ferry. Free ticket for an infant shall have no seat provided. If the number of limitation of bringing the child with free ticket exceeds, the ticket shall be brought according to the number of exceeding.

2.3 Passenger under the age of 12 years are not permitted to take the ferry from HKIA Skypier to Mainland China alone.

2.4 Passenger shall hold the ticket to travel by the ferry only for the limitation of indicated date, route and the voyage. The overdue ticket is void.

2.5 After arriving the destination port, if the local government refuse landing, and the passengers are necessary to be sent back with original ferry, they shall still need to buy the return ticket.

Articles 3 Travel by ferry

3.1 According to the ferry departure time,

    3.1.1 Passengers who have check-in baggage are required to complete the ticket purchase and baggage check-in service at least 60 minutes before.

    3.1.2 Passengers with hand carry baggage only are required to complete their ticket purchase at least 30 minutes in advance.

    3.1.3 To minimize any disruption to your travel plan, please note the SkyPier boarding gate will be close 10 minutes before departing time. Passengers who are late or passengers without a valid ticket may not be allowed to board.

3.2 The carrier shall have the right to refuse the person who is excessive drinking, suffer from infection diseases, serious illness, mental disorder or who is recognized to have inappropriate behaviors.

3.3 If a passenger is found with no ticket, full price ticket shall be double charged. Travelling by ferry with holding the invalid or false ticket, two thousand Hong Kong Dollars (HK$2,000) of penalty shall be charged and the legal responsibility will be reserved to be claimed. The passenger who loss their ticket or hold the incomplete ticket, the child who are above one year of age and below five years of age have not brought the ticket, shall all be necessary to buy the ticket separately. The child who are above five years of age are only hold the ticket for child shall be necessary to make up the deficiency.

3.4 Passengers who are in Hong Kong terminal or on the ferry shall comply with any notice from the staff or agent of the carrier.

Articles 4 Ticket refund and ticket amendment

Once the transaction has been confirmed, tickets cannot be refunded. For passengers transiting from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to Mainland Ports by ferry, we can arrange for passengers to board the first available ferry for the same route and waive any additional charge if the passenger arrives at the gate after the required time before departure due to flight delay.

Articles 5 The limitation of passenger baggage

5.1 Passengers travelling from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to Mainland Ports by ferry, we allow one piece of checked in baggage free of charge. Any additional piece(s) of baggage will be charged at HK$60 each.

5.2 Passengers travelling from Mainland Ports to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) by ferry are required to pay additional baggage charge based on the specific regulations on baggage at each port.

Articles 6 baggage shipment

6.1The following articles shall not be allowed to make shipment:

6.2 Dangerous articles, dirty articles, easy to damage articles and animal.

6.3 Gold, silver and the relative product, currency, securities, Jewel, antique, cultural valuable articles, etc.

6.4 Bad packing articles;

6.5 Overload, oversize articles.

Articles 7 The prohibited carrying articles and the punishment of breach

7.1 Combustibles, easy to explode, radioactivity, corrosiveness and poisonous articles;

7.2 The articles are possible to infect disease or send out peculiar smell;

7.3 The articles are possible to damage ferry or endanger some other people and property safety;

7.4 Attacking weapon and ammunition;

7.5 The articles is prohibited by Government and Customs to be carried;

7.6 The domestic animal influences ferry are hygiene;

7.7 Due to the goods having modified for shipment or hand carry the above prohibited articles resulting any incident or loss, person involved or responsible person shall take the whole responsibility;

7.8 To prevent any above-prohibited articles bringing to the ferry and ensure the safety of passenger and ferry, the person on duty of the carrier or the carrier’s agent have the right to open baggage for inspection. The passenger shall give adequate tolerance and cooperation. For any uncooperative passenger, the carrier shall have the right to refuse them to go on board.

7.9 Passenger who bring or consign the shipment that is not allowed to the ferry, resulting any loss to other passenger or the other ferry shall take the responsibilities to pay for compensation. For the safety of the ferry and the passenger, the carrier shall have the right at any time and any place to unload, destroy and make the above-prohibited articles not able to be harmful without any responsibility of indemnity.

Articles 8 Incidents responsibility and the exemption

8.1 No notice shall be given in advance for the reasons of the force majeure, ferry breakdown, incident resulting the termination of journey or changing to the port nearby, arrival behind schedule, changing vessel during the journey. The carrier shall not take any responsibility to any loss caused by this unwilling hold up and obstruction.

8.2 The carrier shall not take any responsibility of any loss or damage of baggage and personal belongings that is not caused by the carrier.

8.3 The carrier shall not take any responsibility of any death, hurt and illness of passenger which is not caused by the carrier;

8.4 Any damage to the facilities on board the ferry is caused by the passenger no matter of intentionally or unintentionally, the responsible person shall take the responsibility.

Articles 9 The carrier shall not bear any of indemnity for any loss and damage due to the reason listed below:

9.1 Force majeure;

9.2 Any damage and spoilage causing by the internal factors of the baggage;

9.3 Any damaged causing by inappropriate package;

9.4 Passenger’s mistake;

9.5 The baggage’s package is undamaged, but inadequate quantity and weight;

Articles 10 The indemnity for any loss of consigning baggage in carriers responsibility.

10.1 Owing to the carrier responsibility resulting the baggage wholly or partially loss or less, the carrier shall bear the indemnity. The amount of indemnity shall be calculated by Twenty Hong Kong Dollars per each kilogram (HK$20/kg). The maximum indemnity amount is Six Hundred Hong Kong Dollars (HK$600). The indemnity of damaged baggage shall refer to the degree of its damage, but shall not exceed the maximum indemnity amount of loss or less.

10.2 If the baggage for shipment is loss or less, the consignor shall ask the carrier for indemnity within one month from the baggage loss date. Any delay shall not be accepted. The carrier shall give the result of the indemnity to the person whom asked for indemnity within one month after receiving the requirement document. Even the indemnity is refused, it shall promptly inform the other side.

Articles 11 Indemnity of passenger casualties due to carriers responsibility

11.1 Due to the incident of passenger ferry or the carrier’s responsibility resulting the passenger casualties, the carrier shall handle it according to the relative regulations of The People’s Republic of China

11.2 Due to the incident of passenger ferry or the carrier’s responsibility resulting the passenger casualties, the family or oneself shall make the requirement of indemnity within one month after the event occurred and provide the necessary evidence to the carrier. Any of that delay will be seen as automatically giving up to claim for the indemnity.

Articles 12 Applicable law

Any disputes and indemnity requirement causing by this notice is arbitrated by the Court of China. This notice is exercised jurisdiction over The People’s Republic of China.

Entrusted by the passenger ferry companies of the ports in Guangdong Province, Chu Kong Passenger Transport  Co., Ltd. issues the announcement of this notice.

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