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Time flies, starting from the company originally established, Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co. Ltd. has gone through 30 years of glorious history. For 30 years, Chu Kong Passenger Co. Ltd. has always been following the vision "Provide Top Quality Service, Create Century Branding" and its unique operation strategies. With efforts to grow and build up the world's first “Seamless Sea-to Air, Air-to-Sea Connection” transfer hub, also as a pilot in the cross boundary passenger transport market of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau.


Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co. Ltd. will conform the trend of world economic development and industry trends, with “One Belt and One Road (OBAOR)” policy effects. We will aggregate all the staff’s hard work and intelligence, innovate new ideas, enhancing development capability and be competitive in the industry, making Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co. Ltd has a profound influence on the well-known enterprises at home and aboard.


I firmly believe that characterized by globalization and the technological revolution is necessary in the 21st century, Chu Kong people will continually insist its outstanding brand concept of "safety, speediness, convenience and comfortable", to provide passengers with international and professional quality customer service at home and abroad.


I firmly believe that along with the Chinese nation is currently enjoying a renaissance; CKSP will have more opportunities and challenges. An enterprise bears its innovation and responsibility; the sociality will bound to develop and improve in people's life quality and made outstanding contributions!


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