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CKSP and Lanmei Airlines combined to create “LANMEI Pass”


In order to promote the regions around Lantsang and Mekong, “LANMEI Pass” jointly developed by Chu Kong Passenger Transport (CKSP) and Lanmei Airlines was officially launched in June 2019. It provides a one-stop seamless connection service for passengers who travelling between Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Passengers who are taking flights with Lanmei Airlines can enjoy the air-to-sea and sea-to-air baggage tag-through service at four ports including Shekou, Fuyong, Zhongshan and Zhuhai. Also, those passengers are entitled to the relaxed and convenient cross-boundary sea-jet-one service by taking CKSP high-speed ferry to Skypier in Hong Kong International Airport and transfer to their flights of Lanmei Airlines.

“LANMEI Pass” solves the connection problem between different transportation, and brings a more comprehensive and thoughtful experience to passengers. The service provided by “LANMEI Pass” is consistent with CKSP's service philosophy which is “Safety, Speediness, Convenience and Comfortable”, and it would be welcomed by the public.

The development of “LANMEI Pass” has better served and advanced the "The Belt and Road Initiative" which was put forward by the general secretary Xi Jinping. “LANMEI Pass” promotes the efficient allocation of air and sea transportation resources, as well as the economic policy coordination among countries along the Mekong regions. Simultaneously, it deeply integrates the market of Greater Bay Area and the regions around Lantsang and Mekong. It is conducive to carrying out a higher level regional cooperation on a larger scale, and building an open, inclusive, balanced and mutually beneficial regional economic cooperation architecture in the future.

CKSP provides an important "water highway" from Cambodia and other regions around Lancang and Mekong to China cities around the Greater Bay Area. The connection service also helps Cambodia to attract more tourists from China and other countries; meanwhile it brings more development opportunities for Greater Bay Area so as to enhance the further communication between these two areas. Such a move makes the urban economy planning of Greater Bay Area authentically integrate into the international and reach the world.


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